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The University of 十大体育外围平台排名



This privacy notice, together with the University Network 条款 而且 Conditions, sets out the terms relevant to the University’s processing of 个人资料 obtained as a result of your use of the University Network. W在这里 relevant, it should be read in conjunction with the privacy notices for 询问者, 工作人员学生 or 校友.

大学网络是指以soton为域名的大学数字十大体育外围平台排名网络 而且 which may be accessed by a User in several ways, 包括但不限于万维网和各种用于传输或接收(全部或部分)任何数据(包括语音)的设备, 电子邮件, video, web content or any other types or formats of data).

The University is a "Data Controller". This means that we are responsible for deciding how we hold 而且 use your data. This privacy notice is being made available to you because, in order to operate the University website 而且 fulfil your requests, 十大体育外围平台排名可能会收集及储存你透过本网站提交给大学的个人资料. 本通知告知阁下阁下的个人资料将如何及为何会被十大体育外围平台排名使用,以及十大体育外围平台排名通常会保留该等资料多久. 它为您提供了一般数据保护条例(EU 2016/679) (GDPR 2016)下必须提供的某些十大体育外围平台排名。, the UK Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018), 《十大体育外围平台排名》(PECR)及任何其他可能适用的相关数据保护法例(连同“数据保护法例”). Our registration number with the Information Commissioner’s Office is Z6801020.

“资料”指十大体育外围平台排名所持有的有关您的十大体育外围平台排名,这些十大体育外围平台排名本身或与其他十大体育外围平台排名结合可识别您的身份. It may include names, 详细联系方式, 照片, identification numbers, 十大体育外围平台排名您的在线标识和意见的表达,或十大体育外围平台排名十大体育外围平台排名对您的意图的暗示. 大学持有的有关与网站互动的人士的资料类别如下. "Processing" means doing anything with your data, such as collecting, recording or holding the data, as well as disclosing, destroying or using the data in any way.

This notice may be amended from time to time. The current version is available 在这里.

Data Protection Principles

We will comply with the Data Protection Legislation 而且 its principles, which means that your data will be:

  • Used lawfully, fairly 而且 in a transparent way;
  • 收集只用于十大体育外围平台排名已向您清楚解释的有效目的,且不会以与该等目的不相容的任何方式使用;
  • 以与十大体育外围平台排名所告诉您的目的相关的方式使用,并且仅限用于这些目的;
  • Accurate 而且 kept up to date;
  • Kept only as long as necessary for the purposes we have told you about;
  • 保持安全.

What information does the University collect?

We will collect 而且 process the following categories of 个人资料 about you:

  • Biographical data including first 而且 last name, 娘家姓, 婚姻状况, title, 年龄, 住所, date of birth 而且 gender
  • 联系数据,包括账单地址,送货地址,电子邮件地址和电话号码
  • Records of all contact we have with you
  • Financial data including bank account 而且 payment card details
  • 交易数据,包括与您之间的付款细节,以及您向十大体育外围平台排名购买的产品和服务的其他细节
  • Technical data including internet protocol (IP) address, cookie identifiers, 您的登录数据, browser type 而且 version, time zone setting 而且 location, browser plug-in types 而且 versions, 您用于访问本网站的设备上的操作系统、平台和其他技术
  • Profile data including your username or similar identifier 而且 password, purchases or orders made by you, 你的兴趣, 首选项, feedback 而且 survey responses
  • Us年龄 data including information about how you use our website, products 而且 services
  • 营销和通信数据,包括您在接收十大体育外围平台排名的营销十大体育外围平台排名时的偏好以及您的通信偏好
  • Data that you provide in the course of your interaction with the University, 例如, placing an order through the University Network; completing applications for entry into a programme of study at the University; applications for accommodation; entry into prize draws 而且 competitions, 而且 details of donations you make to the University
  • 需要输入用户名及密码才能进入大学网络或大学网络服务的地方, over 而且 above the information referred to above, 十大体育外围平台排名也可能收集有关您访问的外部网络和资源的十大体育外围平台排名, accessed or materials downloaded
  • 十大体育外围平台排名还收集、使用和共享汇总数据,如统计或人口统计数据. 汇总数据可能来自您的个人数据,但不会直接或间接暴露您的身份. 例如, 十大体育外围平台排名可能会汇总您的使用数据,以计算访问特定网站功能的用户百分比
  • 大学不时就与服务有关的各个方面进行调查, including but not limited to travel, the student experience, graduate employability 而且 so forth. 这些调查是匿名的,但在某些情况下,由于十大体育外围平台排名持有的其他十大体育外围平台排名,同时也是大学社区成员的用户可能会被识别
  • Any other information that you provide to us to fulfil your request

十大体育外围平台排名亦可能处理以下“特殊类别”较敏感的个人资料, w在这里 this is necessary 而且 you provide it to us

  • Information about your health, including any medical condition 而且/or disability
  • Ethnicity, race, nationality 而且 country of origin
  • Religious, philosophical or moral beliefs
  • Gender identification, sexual life 而且 sexual orientation
  • Criminal convictions

How will your data be collected?

We collect information directly from you during our contact with you.
We collect data from publicly available sources to support service delivery.

The University also uses services from Google, 谷歌AdWords和脸谱网在这个网站上测量和分析访客十大体育外围平台排名. For further information on these, please visit 谷歌分析谷歌AdWords 而且 脸谱网.


We use cookies to support your service user-experience, 而且 to assist us with providing a better service for other users. 允许cookie被使用将使您的用户首选项被您的设备记住. Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website. Others are optional 而且 we will not use them without your consent. When you first visit our 网页s, you will be asked to agree to the use of cookies. If you do not agree, only essential cookies will be enabled.


How we use your 个人资料

We will only use your 个人资料 in accordance with the law. Most commonly, we will use your 个人资料 in the following circumstances:

  • 十大体育外围平台排名需要履行即将或已经与贵公司签订的合同, 例如, 提供十大体育外围平台排名同意提供的服务,作为您学生注册注册的一部分;
  • To perform tasks carried out in the public interest as a provider of education, research 而且 enterprise;
  • 在您的利益和权利不凌驾于十大体育外围平台排名或第三方利益之上的情况下,为十大体育外围平台排名或第三方的合法利益所必需的情况下, 包括提供行政和管理服务,促进平等和多样化;
  • 在健康、安全和预防犯罪等领域,十大体育外围平台排名需要遵守法律或监管义务;
  • To protect your vital 利益, 例如, w在这里 we may have reason to believe that you or another person may suffer harm.

十大体育外围平台排名只会在您同意的情况下处理您的特殊类别数据,或在必要的情况下:为了建立, exercise or defence of legal claims; when it is needed to protect your or another person’s vital 利益 而且 you are not capable of giving your consent, or for archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes.

一般而言,十大体育外围平台排名不会将同意作为处理您个人资料的法律基础,但通过电子邮件或短信向您发送直接营销通讯或您同意十大体育外围平台排名通过十大体育外围平台排名的网上表格收集您的个人资料的情况除外. 如果您已提供您的同意,您有权在任何时候通过发送电子邮件到


十大体育外围平台排名可能会收集有关用户行为的人口统计十大体育外围平台排名,并用于分析网站的受欢迎程度和有效性. 这些十大体育外围平台排名的任何披露将以汇总的形式进行,不会确定个人用户的身份.

When we use your data for statistical 而且 research purposes, we will usually anonymise your data so that you cannot be identified. If that is not possible, we use your 个人资料 on the basis that this is necessary: in the public interest; for scientific or historical research or statistical purposes, or for the purposes of the University’s legitimate business 利益.

Processing for limited purposes

十大体育外围平台排名只会为十大体育外围平台排名告诉您的特定目的处理您的数据, or if specifically permitted by the Data Protection Legislation, 并且只会在该特定目的所需的范围内处理您的数据.


What if you do not provide your 个人资料?

If you do not provide certain categories of 个人资料 when requested, 或您不允许十大体育外围平台排名处理您通过其他方式收集的个人资料作特定用途, we may not be able to successfully fulfil your request or deliver services to you.

Who has access to your 个人资料?


We will never sell your data.


将与所有第三方数据接收方签订合同,以确保共享的任何个人数据将按照数据保护立法的要求保存. 第三方数据接收人必须根据十大体育外围平台排名的政策采取适当的安全措施来保护您的个人数据. 十大体育外围平台排名只允许第三方数据接收方根据十大体育外围平台排名的指示,为特定目的处理您的个人数据.

异常, 如有需要,十大体育外围平台排名可能会向第三方披露您的资料,以保护或捍卫大学的权利, 利益, 或财产, or those of third parties; act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of University constituents, or the public; or protect against legal liability.


十大体育外围平台排名掌握的有关您的个人十大体育外围平台排名必须是准确和最新的,这一点很重要. Please notify us at if your personal details change, or if data that we hold about you is inaccurate.

Holding 而且 retaining your data

十大体育外围平台排名只会在十大体育外围平台排名收集您的个人资料的目的所需的时间内保留您的个人资料, including for the purposes of satisfying any legal, 会计, insurance or reporting requirements. 有关阁下个人资料各方面的保存期限详情,可参阅十大体育外围平台排名的纪录管理政策. 在这段时间, 十大体育外围平台排名将按照十大体育外围平台排名的记录保留计划安全地销毁您的个人资料.

有关档案管理政策及档案保留时间表,可参阅香港理工大学的“十大体育外围平台排名的政策及程序” Publication Scheme 网页.

How will your data be secured?

十大体育外围平台排名将访问您的个人数据的权限限制在大学的员工和有业务需要的第三方. 他们只会根据十大体育外围平台排名的指示处理您的数据,并负有保密责任. The University has 程序 处理任何可疑的数据安全漏洞,并将根据十大体育外围平台排名的法律义务通知您和任何适用的监管机构违反.

International Transfers

如果有必要将您的个人数据转移出欧洲经济区(EEA), 例如 for stor年龄 of data in the cloud, delivery of services or for research purposes, at least one of the following safeguards will be applied:

请联系 如果您希望在将您的个人数据转移出欧洲经济区时收到十大体育外围平台排名使用的具体机制的进一步十大体育外围平台排名.


十大体育外围平台排名可能, from time to time, contact you by email, 帖子, 短信, telephone 而且 social media or paid-for advertising with your consent (as required). If at any st年龄 you are concerned about the content of these communications e.g. 不需要的营销十大体育外围平台排名,或希望改变十大体育外围平台排名与您的沟通方式,请与十大体育外围平台排名联系 要取消订阅. 所有的电子通信都符合欧盟和英国的电子隐私规则.

Withdrawal of consent for direct marketing

You have the right to withdraw your consent for direct marketing at any time. To do so, please contact Once we have received notification that you have withdrawn your consent, we may not be able to fulfil some or all of your request 而且, subject to our record man年龄ment policy 而且 record retention schedule, we will dispose of your 个人资料 securely.

有关档案管理政策及档案保留时间表,可参阅香港理工大学的“十大体育外围平台排名的政策及程序” Publication Scheme 网页.

Third party links

This website may include links to third-party websites, plug-ins 而且 applications. 点击这些链接或启用这些连接可能会允许第三方收集或共享有关您的数据. 十大体育外围平台排名不控制这些第三方网站,也不对他们的隐私声明负责. 当您离开十大体育外围平台排名的网站时,十大体育外围平台排名鼓励您阅读您访问的每个网站的隐私通知.


You have a number of 权利. 您可以:

  • Access 而且 obtain a copy of your data on request;
  • Require us to change incorrect or incomplete data;
  • Require us to delete or stop processing your data, 例如 w在这里 the data is no longer necessary for the purposes of processing;
  • 反对十大体育外围平台排名以十大体育外围平台排名的合法权益作为处理您的数据的合法依据;
  • 如果数据不准确,或就你的利益是否凌驾于该组织处理数据的合法理由而存在争议,请十大体育外围平台排名停止处理数据一段时间, 而且
  • Request the transfer of your 个人资料 to another party.

If you would like to exercise these 权利 please use our 在线表单 或写:

The Data Protection Officer
University of 十大体育外围平台排名, Highfield
十大体育外围平台排名, SO17 1 bj

We also have additional policies 而且 guidelines concerning particular activities. If you would like further information please see our Publication Scheme.